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Westgate Community Board Members


One-year terms ending May 31, 2024

Sarah Story*, President

Merrill Foster*, Vice President

 Shannon Ranson*, Secretary

Dennis Betzel*, Treasurer



Two-year terms ending May 31, 2024

Marilyn Aklin, Shannice Anderson,

Merrill Foster, Shannon Ranson, Sarah Story

Two-year terms ending May 31, 2025

Dennis Betzel, Christopher Croft, Laura Dillman,

Brenda Haynes,* Patricia May,*

Mohan Singh, Kenda Watson

*Directors appointed by rest of board on May 20, 2024,

pending confirmation by general membership at the next general meeting.

The community association board works closely with both City and County officials in community revitalization and crime prevention efforts, as well as encouraging appropriate development in Westgate and adjacent communities. Board members act as liaisons with the Southwest Development Committee and advisory boards for the MTA and State Highway Administration.


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