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Westgate Resources

40 West Assistance and Referral Center provides the following services:

  • Food Pantry

  • Funds for energy assistance (BGE turn-off notices)

  • Funds for eviction prevention

  • Assistance for prescription and pharmacy costs

  • “Pantry on the Go” Seasonal Food Distributions

  • State DSS Voucher and Federal TEFAP pick up site

Location: St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church, 4711 Edmondson Avenue


Phone 410-746-8204

District 8 City Councilman

Kristerfer Burnett

Phone: 410-396-4818



City General Services

Baltimore One Call Center/Non-Emergency line: 311

United Way Resource Hotline: 211

Emergency Assistance: 911

Baltimore City Hall General Line: 410-396-3100

City Animal Control: 410-396-4688

Mayor's Office of Emergency Preparedness

City Community Mediation: 410-467-9165


County General Services

County Non-Emergency Line: 410-887-2214

County Animal Services: 410-887-PAWS

County Animal Licenses (Dog and Cat): 410-887-3630

County Executive Office: 410-887-2450
County Administrative Office: 410-887-2460
County Council: 410-887-3196

County Emergency Preparedness: 410-887-5996


City Public Works: 410-396-3310

City Planning: 410-396-7526

County Public Works: 410-887-3300

County Planning: 410-887-3211

County Road Maintenance, Repairs: 410-887-3560

County Sewer Problems: 410-887-7415

County Traffic (Lights and Signs): 410-887-3554

County Drinking Water Problems: 410-396-5352

County Traffic Engineering: 410-887-3554

County Zoning Information: 410-887-3391
County Zoning Complaints and Enforcement: 410-887-8099

Employment Information

City Human Resources: 410-396-3851

City Office of Employment Development: 443-984-3014

City Youth Works: 410-545-1820

City Re-Entry Center: 410-396-7873

County Services for Adult Job Seekers

County Employment Assistance

County Career Centers

County Economic and Workforce Development: 410-887-2008

County Human Resources: 410-887-3135

Senior Living

Baltimore City Aging & CARE: 410-396-2273

City Aging Services: 410-396-4932

City Eating Together Program: 410-664-0700

City Senior Centers: 410-396-1337

Senior Home Repair: 443-470-9871

County Senior Employment Services: 410-887-4006

County Senior Information and Assistance: 410-887-2594


Pregnant Women Helpline: 800-456-8900

Crisis Hotline: 800-422-0009

City Health Department: 410-396-4398

County Health Services: 410-887-2243

County Substance Abuse REACH hotline: 410-887-3224

Legal Assistance and Courts



State's Attorney's Office: 410-887-6600

Maryland Consumer Protection: 410-528-8662

Legal Aid: 410-951-7777

Maryland District Court Self-Help Resource Centers:410-260-1392

Community Law Center: 410-366-0922

Foreclosure Legal Assistance Project: 888-213-3320 

Long-Term Care Assistance Project: 866-635-2948

Maryland Senior Legal Helpline: 866-635-2948

National Human Trafficking Hotline: 888-373-7888

Juvenile Services: 410-512-4040

Parole and Probation: 410-321-2210



City District Courts: 800-939-4523

City Circuit Court (including family, juvenile,criminal and civil): 410-333-3722

City Jury Duty: 410-333-3775

City Office of Civil Rights: 410-396-3141

City Register Of Wills: 410-752-5131

City Sheriff's Office: 410-396-1155


County Corrections and Detention Center: 410-512-3200

County Circuit Court: 410-887-2687

County Clerk Of The Court: 410-887-2601

County Land Records (Deeds): 410-887-2650

County District Court (Traffic Court): 410-512-2102

County Legislative Relations: 410-269-7760

County Register Of Wills: 410-887-6680

County Sheriff's Office: 410-887-3151


City Public Schools: 443-984-2000

Baltimore County Public Schools: 443-809-4554

County Planning (School Boundaries): 443-809-4215
County Transportation: 443-809-6360



Homeowners Tax Credit: 410-767-4433

Renters Tax Credit: 410-767-4433

Home Weatherization: 443-984-1066

City Landlord/tenant Issues: 800-487-6007

City Housing Authority: 410-396-3232

City Homeless Services: 410-396-3757

City Repair Assistance: 410-396-3023

City Closing Cost Assistance

City Tax Credits

City Loan Opportunities

City Renovation Credits and Incentives

St. Ambrose Home Sharing: 410-366-6180
County Housing: 410-366-8550 extension 208
County Housing Opportunities: 410-887-3124

County Closing Cost Programs
County Mortgage Counseling: 410-285-4674

County Deeds and Land Records (Clerk of the Court): 410-887-2650


Property Tax Bills: 410-396-3987

Water Bills: 410-361-9061

Report Power Outages: 877-778-2222

County Tax Assessments: 410-512-4905

County Taxpayers' Services: 410-887-2403

Public Transportation

MTA: 410-539-5000

Department of Transportation: 410-396-6802


Social Security: 800-772-1213

Veterans: 800-827-1000

Public Assistance Emergency: 443-423-6300

WIC: 410-396-9427

State Health Insurance Assistance: 410-396-2273

Commission on Disabilities: 443-984-3170

LGBT Resource Center: 410-837-2050

County Disabilities Information and Referral: 410-887-3580

County Child Care, Family Assistance, Adult Services: 410-853-3000


City Permit Office: 443-984-1809

County Building Permits Information Assistance: 410-887-3900
County Building Permits Inspection: 410-887-3953

County Electrical Permits Inspection: 410-887-3960

County Business, Construction, Marriage Licenses: 410-887-2607
County Hunting, Fishing Licenses: 410-836-4550

County Special Permits and Licenses: 410-887-3616

County Plumbing Permits: 410-887-3614


City Department of Public Works: 410-396-3310

City Storm Water Fee

City Storm Water Credit: 410-396-5398

City Office of Sustainability: 410-396-4556

City GROW Centers: 410-396-0732

City Water Quality: 410-396-5352

City Parks and Recreation410-396-7931

County Parks and Recreation: 410-887-3871

County Environmental Concerns: 410-887-3733

Refuse Collection

City Recycling Services: 410-396-4511

City Refuse Disposal/Trash and Debris

City Trash and Recycling Schedule

County Complaints: 410-887-2000
County Disposal: 410-887-2000
County Recycling (Residential): 410-887-2000

Animals Shelters and Wildlife Services

BARCS: 410-396-4695 (City shelter where strays will be taken)

Baltimore County Animals Services (County shelter where strays will be taken): 410-887-PAWS

Maryland SPCA: 410-235-8826

Baltimore Humane Society: 410-833-8848

Maryland Wildlife Services: 877-463-6497

List of Wildlife Rehabilitators

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